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About K.E. Rocha

Kristin Rocha is the author of the Secrets of Bearhaven series. She lives in Portland, Maine, with her husband, their son, and their dog Reggie. When she isn’t at home in Portland, she can most likely be found in Vermont with her family, writing, recharging, and looking for inspiration.

Get to Know K.E. Rocha

1) Where’s your favorite place to write?

I love to write in front of the fireplace at my family’s old house in Vermont. When there’s a fire going, Reggie curls up next to me and sleeps while I write. It’s so cozy and peaceful!
K.E. Rocha fireplace for writing

2) How would you describe your perfect day in Bearhaven?

I would start the day with berries and honey for breakfast with Kate. Berries are so delicious, and I’d love to see a bear cub smacking their lips with a snout sticky from honey! After breakfast I’d ask Kate and Reggie to take me to see their favorite Hide and Go Hunt hiding spots around Bearhaven – but I don’t know if they’d agree! I might give all of their favorite spots away in the next Bearhaven book ☺
Then I would go to one of Fred Crossburger’s water aerobics classes, just to see if I could keep up with the bears.

I’d have to go to lunch at Raymond’s to give his famous salmon nuggets a taste test, and after that I’d be pretty tired, so a trip to Pinky’s Rehab Center and Salon would be good. I’d ask Pinky to give me one of her hot pink manicures! And lastly, before a big family dinner at the Weavers’, I’d round up some cubs to make flower crowns in the valley, because flower crowns are one of my favorite things!

3) Who is your favorite character in Bearhaven?

Kate is definitely my favorite! I love that she’s so curious and good-natured, and sometimes goofy. When I was writing Bearhaven I had just gotten a new puppy—Reggie!—and he was always flopping around, sniffing at me and getting into trouble when I was trying to work. Reggie actually inspired a lot of the descriptions I use for Kate and other cubs in Bearhaven.
K.E. Rocha puppy

4) Tell us Kristin, where are you from?

I’m from a lot of different places! When I was growing up my family moved around a lot. But my grandparents always had a house in Vermont, so I like to say that’s where I’m from. Now I live in Queens, New York with my husband and Reggie.

5) What was the most interesting thing you learned about bears when you were writing Secrets of Bearhaven?

Black bears are super smart – smarter than I ever knew! They can figure out how to unlock their cages, and then teach other bears how to unlock their cages, so they can be difficult to keep in captivity.

6) If you were a teacher at Bearhaven’s school, what would you teach the cubs?

I’d definitely teach the cubs what to do to stay safe if you saw a human in the wild! Humans are scary and if cubs don’t know what to do they could get hurt!

I would also read Winnie the Pooh aloud to my class. I love Winnie the Pooh and remember my dad reading it to me when I was younger. PLUS, that’s one wise bear!

7) What’s your favorite thing about being a writer?

I love using words to create something new. Building ideas or worlds or even characters that never existed before and then being able to share them and make them real for others is an incredible feeling.