Hey, Bearhaven fans! Some of you might already know me from the Spirit Animals or 39 Clues message boards, but for those who don't, allow me to introduce myself! I'm Admin Lisa Q., and I - like everybody here - am a huge HUGE fan of books, talking animals, and books about talking animals!


I'm here with a very special announcement: today marks the first day of Fan Appreciation Week 2016! That's right -- the mods here at Scholastic HQ are so grateful for your excitement, enthusiasm, and energy that we're dedicating an entire week to YOU, the fans!


I'm sure you all are wondering what's on the docket for Day 1. Well, we know that in addition to being big fans of reading, some of you are also big fans of writing! So, our Day 1 gift to you all is...STORY STARTERS!


Check out the links below to see the fanfic prompts for Spirit Animals, Wings of Fire, and MORE! So, pick a fandom, choose a prompt, write to your heart’s content, and spread the fandom love.


Spirit Animals | The 39 Clues | TombQuest | Wings of Fire

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How about other prompts? :)

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At which point I stop being a person?


So join me hey let's play a lying game

cause it’s painful knowing about the worst to come

Despair, despair, I lied once again


luminary of the stars