There is a land, hidden from humankind, known as the Wyldlands. The Wyldlands are a home to wild animals big and small. The Wyldlands have never been found by humans... That is, until 2016. New technological advances messed with the magic shield around their home, and The Wyldlands became visible. Luckily it was isolated from humans. But a few hunters (AKA the humans who carry around the Bang-Sticks) managed to lure out some precious animals. So the Queen, Queen Ambrosia, took a risky step. She is going to lead humans to a fountain, known as the Fountain of Shapes, to turn them into shapeshifters. So she did. Some of them turned back, while others stayed and took a sip from the fountain. Queen Ambrosia tells you that you won't be able to shapeshift for two days. So you nod and two wolves lead you to your hollow.




Shapeshifters- UNLIMITED

Hunters- Open, Open, Open

The Betrayer- (shapeshifter who is a spy for the hunters) OPEN





Age: (11-13)


Appearance: (will have some feautures of the animal)


Animal Appearance:

Animal (you shapeshift into. Ignore this if hunter.):




My form! 


Name: Amanda

Age: 12

Gender: F

Appearance: Long, platnium blond hair and pale blue eyes. She has two gray wolf ears sticking out of her hair, and in public she wears a black beanie to hide the ears. She wears a gray sweater, ripped jeans, and black lace up combat boots.

Personality: Amanda is fierce and maybe just a little overprotective. She'll protect her friends no matter what the cost. Like a wolf, she is very loyal.

Animal Appearance: Gray wolf, snout/muzzle fades to ash black midway. Dark brown eyes.

Animal: Wolf

Role: Shapeshifter

Other: Wyldlands




Do NOT be OP.

No Mary/Gary-sues.

You can have up to three characters.

Try to even out the genders.

Put "Wyldlands" if you read this far.

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The brightest smile hides the darkest past


If you're both in black and white

And they ask who dares defy

I’ll be raising my hand up






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Gonna post a form later.

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You're meant for this

Everyone wants to know

If you're the answer they've been searching for.

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