You are lying in bed, staring at the wall. It is the middle of the night, and you can't sleep, for some reason. Something seems off, but you can't place it. A shaft of moonlight comes through a crack in your curtains, and you look outside for a moment. The moon is full on this clear, warm summer night. You let the curtain fall back, and go back to staring at the wall.

A sudden crack! startles you. It sounds like a rock hitting the window. You look out the window to see a girl with dark brown hair and green eyes looking up at you. She motions for you to come outside.

Your rational self tells you not to go. You'll get in trouble. But something is calling to you, and you can't ignore it. You slip out of bed and quickly dress, then go outside. The girl motions for you to follow her and runs off. You follow her. 

She stops in a clearing and turns to you. "Hello," she says. "I'm glad you came tonight,               *." She takes your shoulders in her hands. "I know you have always felt a call. A call of wildness. You have always wished to somehow become an animal or part of nature. When you step outside, you see a world of beauty and ruggedness, a world that you wish to live in. This is your chance to become part of that world. But it will change your life forever. It shall effect your daily life. You will never see it the same again. Do you swear that you will never reveal the secrets you are about to see? Do you wish to become part of it? If you do not, you shall forget this... but if you do..."

A rush of feelings come to you. You know what choice to make, and you respond,"Yes, I do wish to./No, I do not want such a life! Are you mad?" (Make a choice of which you wish to pick. If you select no, forget you ever saw this and leave. If you do, continue.)

She nods. "I knew you would make that choice. It is a good one." She then turns. "Follow me." 

You do so. She leads you far off, into a forest, and just before you are about to call ahead that you are exhausted, you find yourself in a clearing. Two huge pine trees stand at one end, a massive oak just beyond them. A birch tree is on either side of you, and the trees encircling the clearing are all types and ages. The girl is standing beneath the oak's branches. She nods to you. "Come forth." You do so, with a feeling of apprehension. Suddenly, several figures step forth from underneath the branches of the trees. You recognize a couple from school, but the others are strangers. More eyes peer from beyond, and you wonder how many people are in this clearing. 

The girl asks,"*, do you wish to become wild at heart? To have an animal form, and a connection to the wilderness? Do you choose to take on the responsibilities of a protector of the forest? If you do, step forward." 

Feeling as though you are in a trance, you step forward and find something hard beneath your foot. When you glance down, you see a clear stone beneath your foot. It is clear and shot through with gold, silver, and a thousand other colors. It shimmers in the moonlight, and you look up instinctivly. The girl is watching you. She says quietly,"If you wish to become a Wild Heart, say this: I wish to become a Wild Heart. I shall follow the rules of the Wild Hearts and I take on all the responsibilities that come with it. I swear by all my honor, and by the wilderness, and by the sun and moon, that I shall follow the Wild Hearts. I wish to become Wild." 

You say the phrase. The words sound right in your mouth, and you cannot help but feel you have done the right thing. Then, suddenly, a flash of silvery light comes from nowhere. You are momentarily blinded and close your eyes. When you open them, something is different.

A necklace is now about your neck, and you can see that the girl has one too, now. So do the others. Yours has a ** chain and a clear stone pendant like the one beneath you, only it has a *** center, and is shot through with ****.  You touch it in wonder. The girl steps forward. 

"You are now a Wild Heart," she says. "Dig deep inside you. Find the name that is your wild one." 

You close your eyes, and a name comes to you. You open your eyes and say,"My wild name is ~~." 

She nods. "You are almost done, ~. Close your eyes. Dig deep. Think. What is your animal?" 

You do as she says. Suddenly, a flash of light, golden this time, blinds you once more. When you open your eyes, you find yourself in a different position. Panic overtakes you for a moment, and then you realize- you are a ~~~! You are joyful. What an animal to be! Suddenly, you transform back to human. Sadness overtakes you for a moment. Then the girl smiles warmly at you. "Don't worry!" she says. "You can change back into that animal, and any other, be it mythical, real or extinct, you wish. That animal is merely your soul animal, the one that you will always find comfort and hope in. Welcome to the Wild Hearts, ~." 


*=your forum nickname

**= a type of metal or wood that you love and would wear

***= choose a gemstone that you love and think is unique to you

****= choose a few colors you love and a metallic color (e.g. gold, silver, copper, bronze) you love

~~= Choose a name different than your forum name, one that speaks to you and that you love. It should have something to do with nature. 

~= Your Wild Name. 

~~~= An animal that you think represents you. Don't choose a mythical or extinct one. 


Hello! I'm Juniper. Well, I am Moonstone, I'm just using my Wild Name. I am the Leader of the Wild Hearts at Bearhaven. Welcome! I'm glad you chose to be in this organization. The previous ceremony is one we call the Budding Ceremony. It is when you become part of the Wild Hearts. Let me tell you about the organization! 

It's now a forum organization. As a Wild Heart, your job is to protect the wilderness and animals. You have the ability to transform into any animal at will, though as aforementioned, you have a special Soul Animal that speaks to you and is unique to you. But be warned: Stay in animal form for more than five days, and you may transform into your soul animal and stay an animal. 

This is not an RP. It is an organization, a kind of tribe or group. 

Now, why don't you tell me about yourself in a form? I'll give you mine, don't worry!



Forum Nickname/Username: 

Wild Name: 

Soul Animal: 

Necklace Description: 

Anything Else You'd Like To Add: 


Here is mine! 


Forum Nickname/Username: Moonstone (moonlightstone58)

Wild Name: Juniper

Soul Animal: Wolf

Necklace Description: Silvery, thin chain. Leaf shaped pendant. The center of it is a tear-shaped moonstone, it's shot through with spirals of silver, blue, purple, and green. The glow around it is icey blue.

Anything Else You'd Like To Add: I'm the leader of the Bearhaven part of this organization.


Oh, I suppose you need more information! Here's all you need to know in a handy guide! 


The Wild Hearts

The pendants are unique to every person. They are invisible to anyone who is not of the Wild Hearts, but visible to anyone who is. They are surrounded with a soft gold or silver glow, depending on the person. They do not come off, but will not choke or harm you in any way. The necklaces are a way of recognition. 

Wild Names: These are a special name that speaks to you. You use it in the presence of other Wild Hearts. 

Transformations: As mentioned before, if you stay in a transformation for five days straight you will retain your Soul Animal forever. You can transform into any animal, even mythical, at will, though your Soul Animal is an animal that is not extinct and is real. 

Visibility: On the forums, you can tell anyone you're a Wild Heart. But outside of it, the organization is secret. 

Meetings: Every full moon, we meet. The leader can call meetings at any time, however. 

What is it?: NOT AN RP. Just a an organization. You can do everything as normal, just make sure you attend meetings. 


Feel free to ask any questions! I can't wait to meet everyone! And don't forget to fill out that form!


So far there's me and Bulldog (Wild Heart name is Moon).



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So deep breath in

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At which point I stop being a person?


So join me hey let's play a lying game

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