Hello, I have been looking on other forms but I havent seen any seekers roleplays? So I am guessing this might be the first one idk, but anyways... On to the story :p


Polar Bears: The night coldly passes by, but you seem to know it got warmer out, you look at the sky to see its ray beating down on the snow. You turn to your mother, "Whats happening?" you ask, and you mother keeps going on, not looking at you but saying, "Burn Sky is almost here, its time we go to the forest", "Whats a forest?" You ask, your mother tells you that you will see it when you get there. You arrive at the end of the ice and see the waves lapping the shores. You dip your paws into the water and shiver as freezing coldness washes over you. "Do we have to swim?" you plead, but your mother gives you a warning look, "Do you have any other ideas to how we can get on land?" She questions, you look around a shake your head sideways, denying defeat. Your mother splashes in the water and tells you to come and swim, you obey and start swimming to land.


Brown Bears: Your mother looks at you (and siblings if you have any) and looks ahead at the forest. "Its time we go to salmon river to find food before its too late." You agree, your stomach roaring with hunger. You follow your mother to the river, but mountains block you in the way. You whine in dismay, "Stupid mountains, why'd they have to be in the way?" you grumble, you mother glares at you and cuffs you on the ear, "You will not argue about this journey, do not show weakness", you silently nod, knowing shes right and continue up the mountains


Black Bears: ( Setting can either be in Bear Bowl or forest) You run up a tree, laughing as your friend speeds towards you, "Hey! You know I am learning to climb!" he/she whines, "I know, why did you think I climbed it then?" you laugh as you climb higher. "I'll get you!" he/she shouts as he/she looks up at you from the trees. "(Your Name) get down there, we are going hunting", your father shouts as you slowly climb down. "Meat again?" You look at him questionably, "You know the berries are shriveling up in this heat" he growls as he beckons you. You clamber up to him as you look around for any smaller creatures than yourselves. You spot a rabbit and you leap after it.



Ok, that's just something for you character, later on if or when they characters meet others, I would like you to find a way where the parents aren't with you, or you don't have parents already ( You lost them) If you want you can form a team with other bears, like a pack to find a way to survive. You cant just have a perfect life, so remember the wild is a dangerous place for animals, you would know that if you read the series



No OPness

No strange colors, ( Like unnatural, gray is ok, but others like pink or blue is strange for a bear)

No Pandas, because idk how a panda found a way into Canada, or you can have one if permission from me

4 Spots with a bear with special powers, not to op, if so it has to have flaws like Urjaruks powers.

Character can be a fox, cat, or a dog/wolf as long as not to many people are one. Limited

Having a crush on someone is allowed

No badwords

If you read the rules, put Seekers in your other section of you color










Powers(If have):


Type of bear:



My Form :p


Name: Izio

Age: ( Human Years) 10/Cub

Gender: Female

Appearance: Gray pelt, reflects silver when full moonlight, has dark forest green eyes and dark gray markings on pelt. Small, but powerful, has a fluffy shaggy pelt, sharp snout, black nose, fur usually gets into the way with swimming, because of this hates to swim in water. 

Personality: Defensive, Short Fuse, Gets angry easily, Nice, Peppy, Clever

Bio(Optional): Lost parents when she was 2 years old, fended for herself, lived in the forest, mostly in the trees or rocks, usually rocks for camouflage because of her color pelt,

Powers(If have): Can shapeshift ( Because shapeshifting is my favorite power) Her flaws are that when she shapeshifts, she can forget who she was before and sense or become more of the animal that she is. ( Like Urjarak)

Type of bear: Er, Gray bear ( Made up :p )

Crush: N/A

Other: Seekers


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Gray Bear ;3


New here 



Wings of Fire

Percy Jackson



We've made it! This is it! Look Lusa, that's the ice—it's what I've been telling you about for so long!"~Kallik


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At which point I stop being a person?


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