Spencer Plain woke up as any other kid. When he goes to school his Uncle Mark comes to pick up Spencer unexpectedly. AS they drive away  Spencer is trying to ask Uncle Mark what´s going on but he won't say anything. Not long after they start to drive they notice someone tailing them.

All of a sudden Uncle Mark accelerates, Spencer asks him what is going on. Uncle Mark tells Spencer he is going to drop him off in a forest and if gos north someone will find him.They soon come to the forest. Spencer leaps.The next thing he knows he is being chased by a bear.The bear gets him and growls “Spencer plain we've been expecting you. At first he is amazed that the bear can speak. Then he's wondering how the bear known his name.”Climb on” the bear growls. He does as he is told. They soon come to a tree that looks unclimbable but the bear climbs up like it's nothing.They soon come to some blue fog. The bear walks away and spencer runs to Catch up to him. He hears more voices which, meant more more bear coms.Bunny, Kate Dora Weaver's mother introduced her to herself and kate.kate begs her mother to take him home and she agreed. They keep on walking until they see many dome shaped houses.

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connor ny 

(Hi, I'm Moonstone. Nice to meet you! Do you have a nickname? I can't see siggys. . .)


I've read it already, and I LOVED IT!! Have you read Foxcraft? It is amazing!

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So deep breath in

You're meant for this

Everyone wants to know

If you're the answer they've been searching for.

Beth Crowley "Don't think just run"